ASPIRIN® 81mg Quick Chews® Daily Low Dose

Available in

  • 30 COUNT (81mg chewable tablets)
  • 100 COUNT (81mg chewable tablets)

ASPIRIN® 81mg may help save your life if you think you are having a heart attack and is also the #1 doctor-recommended brand of low dose ASA for doctor-supervised long-term preventive therapy.

ASPIRIN® 81mg Quick Chews® come in great tasting orange-flavoured tablets that could be chewed or swallowed whole.

Each chewable ASPIRIN® 81mg tablet is:

  • Caffeine-free
  • Fast dissolving

Please refer to the package for additional information.

Helpful Heart Health Info

Get powerful information to help you care for your heart!

ASPIRIN® 81mg Daily Low Dose

Take Action During a Heart Attack and Help Save a Life

Most heart attacks are caused when platelets form a blood clot on ruptured plaques, restricting blood flow. Chewing 2 ASPIRIN® 81mg tablets prevents further platelet build-up, reducing the chance of new blood clots.

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