ASPIRIN® 81mg Enteric Coated Daily Low Dose

Available in

  • 30 COUNT (81mg tablets)
  • 120 COUNT (81mg tablets)
  • 180 COUNT (81mg tablets)

ASPIRIN® 81mg may help save your life if you think you are having a heart attack and is also the #1 doctor-recommended brand of low dose ASA for doctor supervised long-term preventive therapy.

Daily low dose ASPIRIN® 81mg has a special enteric coating on each tablet to allow it to pass undissolved through the stomach and into the intestine. By dissolving in the intestine rather than the stomach, the risk of stomach upset is reduced*.

*To maintain this protection, tablets should not be crushed or broken.

Each 81mg enteric coated ASPIRIN® tablet is:

  • Enteric-coated to help protect your stomach
  • Caffeine-free
  • Coated to make it easy to swallow

Please refer to the package for additional information.

Helpful Heart Health Info

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ASPIRIN® 81mg Daily Low Dose

Take Action During a Heart Attack and Help Save a Life

Most heart attacks are caused when platelets form a blood clot on ruptured plaques, restricting blood flow. Chewing 2 ASPIRIN® 81mg tablets prevents further platelet build-up, reducing the chance of new blood clots.

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