Illustration of an ASPIRIN® tablet


ASPIRIN® was invented over 120 years ago, and remains a trusted pain reliever on the shelf today. There’s a good chance your great grandparents kept ASPIRIN® for headaches or aches and pains in their medicine cabinet. ASPIRIN® continues to be a trusted and effective brand.

Different Types for Different Needs

From well-known ASPIRIN® Regular Strength to ASPIRIN® 81mg Daily Low Dose and more, ASPIRIN® comes in a variety of forms designed to help with different needs – headache, toothache and backaches plus muscle pains, menstrual and arthritis pain – and has for over 120 years.

Is ASPIRIN® Right for You?

For all kinds of aches and pains, ASPIRIN® is an effective way to relieve pain so you can get back to your busy life.